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These 12 Hiking Safety Tips Could Be Your Life-Saver One Day

It’s not important whether you are hiking in the Andes, the Alps, the Australian Outback, or the Drakensberg. The principles for hiking safety are standard everywhere.

  1. NEVER go hiking all by yourself. There’s always the danger being a possible assault victim, should you get injured, there’s no one else who can provide assistance. Cell phone signals in remote areas are consistently undependable and who knows, you may have passed out and incapable of calling for aid.
  2. Plan the itinerary properly and leave the details with someone who will be able to notify the concerned authorities if ever you do not come back as scheduled. Many trails feature hiking logbooks and, if you don’t get to your stated location on time, an alert will be dispatched.
  3. Choose your hike according to your physical fitness level. If you’re trekking with kids in tow, you should definitely choose a route to suit their capabilities.
  4. Ensure that you schedule ample time for your proposed hike. It’s best to leave really early in the morning and create a buffer of a few hours leeway for unforeseen events. It’s most important that you pace your hike to be able to get back at your launching point or the nearest hut way before sundown.
  5. Keep a close tab on the weather forecast. The weather conditions could take a turn for the worse really swiftly, particularly in high elevation areas. One moment the sun is fiercely shining and the next, the mist has the entire location blanketed and you’ve lost your way.
  6. Stay on the trail. This will not just help protect you from getting lost, it will also safeguard the environment in which you are hiking.
  7. Carry every piece of trash back home with you.
  8. Try to remember that individuals who go hiking do it mainly because they care deeply about the peace and silence of their chosen atmosphere, so don’t despoil it with disturbing noise.
  9. If you happen to be organizing a long trek, don’t do it using new hiking boots. Hiking boots, like all shoe wear, take some time to break in and there’s probably nothing more dreadful than realizing you’ve got another 10 miles to walk with feet ravaged by blisters.
  10. Your clothing should be lightweight and well-ventilated. It might also be a great idea to put on a few reflective accessories, such as a reflective running belt or a reflective running vest, in the event that you find yourself into a tricky situation in a remote location. Search and Rescue teams can easily see you much better in the dark if you are wearing reflective gear.
  11. Your backpack have to contain warm clothing items and waterproof gear or accessories. You might also want to pack a handy blanket, first aid kit, torch, matches, a few extra snacks, and a good supply of water.
  12. Finally, be a pleasure to hike with.

Fun Activities to Enjoy Outside with Your Children

Spring and early summer are great times to get outside with your children and enjoy the beautiful weather. So pack up the stroller and get going!

Go for a Walk (Or a Jog)

Your toddler is ready to learn absolutely everything you want to teach him or her, so why not make getting some exercise and enjoying the spring weather a learning activity. Just a walk around the neighborhood can be a great way to teach your child any number of things. Concentrate on colors by pointing out all the shades of blooming flowers, or work on your child’s counting by looking for cars as you enjoy the fresh air.

With an all-terrain stroller, sidewalk cracks or dirt roads won’t hamper your journey, and your little explorer can learn all about the world around them. If your walk takes you to the park, why not bring along a picnic and play on the swings or slide?

Head to the Zoo or Farm

Zoos are popular destinations for children of all ages, so don’t let having a toddler in a stroller keep you from taking your older children on an outing to see the animals. Your children will always remember trips to see the animals, whether it’s at a world famous zoo or the neighborhood farm.

If the zoo is too far away or too expensive, check with local farmers to see if you can find one willing to give a short tour to you and your children. Many farmers are happy to show off their farms, show children a little bit about where their food comes from, and maybe even let them feed the chickens.

Visit a National Park or Historic Site

Virtually anywhere in the country is just a short drive from a national park, national historic site, or some educational opportunity. Many times people forget to visit the really cool destinations that are close to home, because they think there will always be time to go there. Why not go there today?

Visit the local swamp, play in the forest, or hunt for lizards in the desert. Show your children your favorite rock formation or teach them about wildflowers. Help them learn to climb a tree.

The nice thing about national parks and national historic sites is that they are generally very low cost and often have wide open spaces, especially near designated picnic areas. So, lather on the sunscreen and spray on the insect repellant, and head outdoors. Play tag or have a water balloon fight. Roast marshmallows over a barbecue grill, and bring along an old jar to catch fireflies at dusk.

So many parents complain that their children don’t want to spend more time outside, but maybe that’s because their parents never took the time to show them how much fun it can be. Help your children discover how much better a hamburger tastes when they grill it themselves, or teach your daughter how to make dandelion rings. When you take your children outside this spring, you have the opportunity to step away from the hectic pace of work and remember how to be a kid. You can teach them a few things, and they can remind you how to relax.

A Visiting Guide To Any Water Park

Plan your Journey

To avoid inadvertent occurrences it is always ideal to plan your trip in advance. Amusement parks, Water Park in India are generally located in the outskirts of city. Arranging the convenience and managing the schedule beforehand is good to ensure that you be there on time. Try to leave early so that you have ample time in store to enjoy.

Call and confirm

Contact the organizers of the park to apprise yourself with the change in their terms and conditions or any other recent developments. Confirm about the charges, tickets, avenues, or any other prime information that could hamper your trip. It is always better to be sure before letting any mood turn-offs to surface later.

What and when to eat?

It is medically advised to keep a gap of at least 30 minutes between your meals and getting into water. Being heavy on stomach and going for high-rise rides is strictly not preferable. It will make you feel dizzy and nauseating, impeding your enjoyment. Apart from that confirming in advance with the authorities that what eateries you can carry will save your food from being wasted.

What essentials to carry?

Don’t forget to carry a good camera to make sure to capture enough moments to cherish a long while. Sunscreen, an extra pair of clothes, medicines, hats, sunglasses and packaged drinking water are other sundry items you should keep in mind.

Quick tips to be followed when you are inside the premises

Having reached your fun destination, certain precautions can help you ensure your safety. Some of such warning bells ensued by various water park Delhi are enlisted as below.

  • Don’t flout the rules framed precisely for rides and for exploring the area around by the authorities of the park.
  • If you are with kids, make sure than you don’t leave them alone and they are under your constant watch. To ensure their full protection leave an identification card with them.
  • Beware of being in water especially when you are sick, since it is easy to transmit diseases through aqua means.
  • Drink a lot of water to evade problems like dehydration, heat strokes etc.
  • Ultraviolet radiations are the strongest inside water. To make sure your body is not sun burned and tanned, apply a lot of anti-sun lotion (SPF 30 and above). It is ideal to apply it about 30 minutes before so that it is appropriately absorbed in your body.
  • Get an extra pair of swim wear, towel, etc for extra protection, in case available costumes are not well sanitized.
  • When travelling in a troop, set a common meeting point in case your group splits.

Having fun at aqua theme parks is unbeatable, but with these easy tips in mind your can stretch the experience to be merrier and safe.

Best Weekend Workout Options For Busy People

Weekend has always been a time to relax and unwind for a lot of people. For those who are busy during weekdays when there is work or school, sometimes weekend is also the only opportunity to work out and get some exercise. If you are one of those who only get fitness activities during weekends, you want options that will let you enjoy your short weekends as well – those that will let you have fun while staying fit. Below are some of your best options.

Running/jogging. This exercise activity can be done almost anywhere and anytime. Hence, even if you are on your Laguna getaway or on a weekend beach trip, it is something you can do. You may also have fun joining running events that are usually held on weekends. On weekends when you do not have any activity or trip planned, you can just go to some nearby places that are good for running, jogging, or walking. This exercise activity is not a solitary one; you can enjoy it with your partner, an exercise buddy, or even your kids.

Swimming. For those who loves the water and would often find themselves on a weekend out-of-town trip, swimming is a good exercise activity. Whether you enjoy it on an Olympic-sized pool, an irregularly-shaped resort pool, or the sea, swimming is a full body workout that will let you burn calories while having fun.

Biking. This is another activity that can be easily enjoyed with friends and families. Whether you get into biking for sports such as trail biking or just biking alongside your kids, this activity will let you burn some calories. However, you will need to get a good bike if you do not have one yet and it is best if you have a vehicle that can transport your bike so you can enjoy this activity in more places.

Frisbee. This sport is fast becoming popular because it can be easily enjoyed with very little equipment. You only need to get a good Frisbee and look for decent-sized space where you can run a little and throw the Frisbee around. Even if you get good enough to be very accurate in throwing and catching the Frisbee, the movements you will have to make when playing will definitely require good stretches and let you burn some calories. However, you will need to have at least one other person to enjoy this activity.

Top 10 Night Out Places

It is always said the night is always reserved for the devils while the daylight beings out the angels from the heaven. But who cares for the angels and the devils when we come out to be the one in all in the form of human beings. Engaging yourself in the social life without having an experience of a night life is something difficult to digest in these days. No matter what time you work and for how long, night outs are all that you can always spare from your busy schedule to make out the difference in your life with a completely different enriching atmosphere under the cloudless achy and the twinkling stars on the sky.

It is a no surprise that people are getting disconnected with each other due to fast pace in their life, indulging themselves with lots of work pressure. Staying connected has become possible by only and only through the use of gadgets and other social networking sites. Thriving of friendships and celebrations is becoming almost impossible day by day. It is at times essential to come out of your daily routine and experience something that is something out of your comfort level. For many people, night-outs are a big NO-NO for social gathering because of either being over-stressed or pressured. But, you are definitely overlooking the happening part of your life without checking it out once.

These are the 10 most favorite night out places where you can hang out with your friends, lovers and spouse in a light-hearted environment:

THE MELTING POT: It is the optimum place for a perfect girl’s night out. Serve yourself with the best wine and have a good time relaxing yourself chitchatting over any of the common hot topic carelessly.

AMBAR BANGKOK: The most exciting look of this bar that it is roofless providing its guests with a wide range of drinks available on request within few minutes. You can either enjoy pool parties with your best friends or either have romantic date with your lover expressing your love passionately.

PLAZA MAYOR in MADRID: You can enjoy the nights here in summers with a flamenco group performing in front of the stage. The viewers enjoy the dance with ice-cold beers in their hands with the cool freeze fanning them.

CONVENT GARDEN IN LONDON: There is endless number of pubs in London. Out of which, Convent Garden is the most visited place for night-outs in the bust streets of London. You can grab a pizza here and hop yourself to the stage and start tapping your feet.

FOUNTAIN SQUARE THEATRE IN INDIANPOLIS: It is an entertainment option for all the night-riders from duckpin bowling to rooftop dining.

THE LIBERTINE IN LONDON: It is the most rocking and the exciting place to get you a chilling experience serving you with bold drinks and delicious food to enjoy with.

RATHSKELLER IN GERMANY: It offers you a distensible beer selection with a high-spirited music every weekend.

HOWLING AT THE MOON: It is an absolute basting show that can give Goosebumps to its first comers.

NICKY BLAINE’S: What you have to do is just sit on the couch and enjoy the fabulous night-out with utmost sophistication.

CRACKERS COMEDY CLUB: Without the least thought of what of wear, put on your long-time clothed and march towards the best stand-up comedy show with treat yourself with an incredible laughter at mid-night under the stars.

Some Amazing Ideas For Home-Made Fire Starters

Any experienced outdoors man should know that having the knowledge on various ways to make a fire is essential in dealing with the outdoors. Of course, matches and lighters are easily available and do come in handy but in extreme cases when you become low on supply and these things seem out of reach, you should be able to find a surefire way to start a fire especially when you are exposed to the elements. So, here is a rundown of easy home-made ideas for fire starters:

Stuff charcoals in egg cartons and tie it shut. Just kindle the carton when the need arises.

Keep a sturdy pencil sharpener in handy. It can be used to make excellent shaving kindling.

Bundle together several small emergency candles using waxed paper tied up at both ends. Light one end of the candle when needed to start a fire.

Use wax-covered pine cones

Generously rub cotton balls in Vaseline and keep them sealed in ziplock bags.

Cut old newspapers or yellow pages into thin strips then roll them up and tie them with strings. Soak them in melted wax.

Tie about 10 pieces or more strike-anywhere kitchen matches with dental floss with the head leveled evenly. Soak the body (except the heads) with melted paraffin. Also lightly dip the heads in wax for waterproofing. When needed, strike on a flat rough surface to ignite.

Instead of charcoal you can put other flammable items inside an egg carton such as pistachio shells, sawdust and dryer lint mixed with melted wax.

Cut pieces of cotton into 1-inch lengths then soak into melted paraffin. Let them dry and store in ziplock bags or plastic containers.

Waxed milk cartons cut into thin strips are excellent kindling material for campfires.

Use chimney charcoal whenever possible to make quicker charcoal fire.

Make small balls of making a fire,made of newspaper.

Toilet paper towels stuffed inside paper bags make for ideal fire lighters,

Collect pine needles and store them in bunches.

Coat lighter fluid-soaked charcoal pieces with paraffin wax.

Put a long wick to a small-sized cup and fill it with sawdust or melted wax.

Collect wooden Popsicle sticks and store them in watertight containers.

Coat match heads with wax or better yet clear nail polish for waterproofing.

Small pieces of cardboard discards covered in wax are good fire starters.

Tuna cans or cat food cans can be used as containers for pieces of cardboards cut into thin strips then tightly rolled. Pour melted wax into the cans to keep the strips in place.

Unraveled twine are also perfect for lighting a fire.

Put a cotton sting inside a wax paper cup with about 1″ wick length allowance. Fill the cup with sawdust with some room to spare then put melted paraffin into the cup sealing and compacting the sawdust inside. You can then light the wick to start burning the fire starter whenever the need arises.

Any experienced outdoorsman should know that having the knowledge on various ways to make a fire is essential in dealing with the outdoors. Of course, matches and lighters are easily available and do come in handy but in extreme cases when you become low on supply and these things seem out of reach, you should be able to find a surefire way to start a fire especially when you are exposed to the elements. So, the above are a rundown of easy home-made ideas for fire starters .

Give Yourself a Break, go on and Bring Your Kayaks

Have you ever experienced in your life that you wanted to travel long distance and go on surfing along with the big waves of the sea? Especially on summer season, you need to unwind and free yourself and go to beaches with your kayaks. Well, if you’re the type of person who always wants for new discovery and do an adventure with your family and friend you need to have an equipment who can gather and load all of your stuffs and belongings regardless of what size they are. Usually, you have with you your partner when it comes to travelling, your big trucks. But big trucks don’t always have the capacity to accommodate all of your belongings especially the heavy and big ones. That’s why a lot of people are searching for products that can satisfy them with this kind of problem and a lot of these are offered in the market. The Kayak Rack for Truck is perfectly suited for you.

Kayaks Are For Fun

Sometimes, you feel bothered and uneasy about bringing your heavy and big kayak boats with you but now there will be no more time for hesitations in bringing it. The Kayak Rack for Truck is one of the best selling products of all department stores. Everything that you needed on safety and comfortability on loading and unloading your kayak boats is secured with this equipment. You can be one hundred one percent sure that your kayaks are safe in hands whenever you travel to far away places.

Why Would You Pick This Product?

There are a lot of reasons why you should pick this product; first it is accessible. This is available in all kinds of stores that offers parts and accessories for your trucks. Second, the materials used are very durable. You are rest assured that whatever weather you encounter, the equipment is still on a good performance. It is perfectly designed to surpass all the different kinds of heavy situations like strong rain and during high temperature to keep you kayaks in good condition. Third, it is very easy to assemble since it has a ready made simple instruction guide whenever you purchase one. Every material and tools are all available in one set. Fourth, if ever you want to adjust the size of your kayak rack, you can be able to do so. It has the ability to change its measurement depending upon your desired size of your kayak. Fifth, it can be installed on your roofs individually since it has less weight. Sixth, the price for this kind of equipment is very affordable. The money that you spend is worth of this product in terms of its unique features and functions.

Grab One Now

Purchasing one Kayak Rack can be the best investment for you. It will not only accessorized you truck but also gives you a total less hassle and worry free with regards of your kayak boat. Our company exclusively sells the best quality of Kayak Rack for truck. If you need more information, check our website for more details. We are pretty sure that we will give you a total satisfactory on your trip because of this smart product.

Kayak is not just a sports, it also keeps our body well-toned. Keeping your kayak safe and secure is a must, which is why Kayak rack truck was introduced to safeguard everything. To see more fun and exciting place to go kayaking visit us now.

Horse Riding Gets More Thrilling on Activity Holidays UK

Looking for an activity holiday for your family? Perhaps, you can consider the bewildering locations of UK to be your family holiday destinations. This blissful place on earth has endless and pristine green space. Apart from this, you can get all the facilities that you need on your activity holidays UK. In order to enjoy the great outdoors,this is the best place from where you can choose the one you want.

Take a bike and ride to the mountains and forests. Hire a canoe to enjoy the waterways. From a dinghy, you can take a coastal view. Wales is consisted of these stupendous elements that will make your holidays most enjoyable.

How about riding a horse through the bright and mesmerizing fields? Feel the speed in your nerves, feel the wind caressing your hair, feel the warmth of the sunrays on your face and feel free while you are enjoying some of the relaxing times that you have managed to steal from your busy schedule.

Since you are taking your family for this activity holiday,have some activities in store for your children too. This is the perfect playful opportunity that you can teach your children the skills of horse riding. You can make them realize the art of embracing all the elements of nature. If you are a novice then you can take a half day course, but for the keen or experienced riders,all you need to do is just tighten the reign and take your horse as far as your eyes could see.

For hiring horse always consider taking it from a good riding center. They will provide you horses suitable to your ability level. Along with the horse they will provide you suitable clothes, and a guide to take you to the long route. A long journey on horseback will allow you to enjoy thewhole atmosphere. Decide on a place first that you want to go for a wild exploration riding on the horse.

Brecon Beacons National Park is one of the best places for activity holidays UK. That area is mainly famous to be horse-friendly. For people of all abilities, there are many riding centers that offer guided tours.Enjoy some of the most gorgeous sceneries around you by taking roads through the valleys and hills. Experience that regal feeling while you visit some of the famous historical places riding a horse.

The awesome sceneries in Pen-y-Fan, the ruins of Llanthony Priory are some of the most visited places for UK activity holidays.Once you get the fun of horse riding, its inevitable that you would crave for more. You can take a week long holidays or go for short breaks following some of the new trails.North Wales is another splendid place for horse riding. The riding centers will provide you guided rides through hillsides and forest.

Spend your activity holidays UK in some of the amazing terrains and great outdoor locations. Variety of bountiful trails will lead you to spend a blissful time with your family.

Choose Lake District as Your Next Destination of Activity Holidays UK

North West England is world famous for its lake districts. The scenic atmosphere and natural beauty of that place makes it a most coveted destination for activity holidays UK among travelers all over the world.

The Lake District is the epitome of beauty and fineness for England. Consisted of numerous mountains and hills, 53 tarns and 16 lakes, the Lake District personifies England’s splendor in a global platform. With a wide range of places to visit and things to do, holidays can be absolutely amazing in this place. Trekking, hiking, skiing and other amusing activities can be done in this place. Nothing can give you as much pleasure as fishing when you are travelling to the lake side. Sightseeing and visiting local towns are also considered to be the best thing about visiting this part of UK on your activity holidays.

The Lake District will give you a pictorial view of the grandiose lakes and tarns that are disseminated across the green hills and undulating plains. You need to look out for other places if you want to spend relaxing and exciting holidays. The stunning beauty and scores of activities that you get to do in this place assure you a most worthwhile and unforgettable activity vacation.

If you are going for activity holidays UK, then do not forget to visit the national park that is situated in eh heart of the Lake District. Actually the park is the place where you can take part in a lot of recreational activities, for instance, you can go fishing in the pristine lakes, go hiking along some of the splendid natural trails. The profusion of flora and fauna of this area make lucrative ways for keen animal and bird watchers. Wastewater Lake that is famous for its deep waters and the Scafell Pike offer some breathtaking scenery that the visitors procure the utmost fun of travelling.

You can explore many adventure travel activities like boating, cycling and kayaking in the sprawling park. The park allows you to roam around its over 3,500 kilometers stretch of greenery. The Lake District is considered to be the charm of the national park. Rugged mountains, sweeping valleys, picturesque landscapes, and furrowed skylines are the riches of this place.

What have you done if you visit the Lake District and don’t do boating? Boat trips are the great ways to explore the entire lake and see it from a very closer view that you cannot otherwise see from the land. Boat trips are again a brilliant idea of spending a leisurely and enjoyable day out. For this kind of boat trip,you can go to Ullswater lakes, Coniston, Derwent water and Windermere that offer the best and affordable boat rides.

Another enjoyable activity in the district is the railway tours. Rails are the perfect mode of travel for sightseeing and leisure travel. From the Haverthwaite Railway, you can get a stunning view of Windermere Lake. Apart from the magnificent lakes in your activity holidays UK, you will get to visit several eminent art gallery and museum. All these elements will make your activity holidays an outstanding experience.

Best Places to Cool Down this Summer Season

The cold months are drawing to a close and as the sun slowly reminds people how relentless the heat can be from the impending summer, a lot have already started looking for the best places to cool down. So far, here are the most popular choices that come to mind.


Being an archipelago, Philippines is gifted with plenty of beautiful beaches. From the famous white sand beaches in Boracay, to the rocky but dive-worthy coast of Puerto Galera, the whole country boasts of tourist-drawing shorelines that offer a cool reprieve from the burning summer sun.

If you’re done scouring the beaches of Luzon, you can go travel to the Visayan regions or even farther down South to Mindanao for more breath-taking coastlines.


If you are not into swimming or diving and you’re just looking for a place to beat the heat, then you can go explore places of higher elevation. Two of the most famous of these options would be Baguio and Tagaytay.

Baguio, the higher of the two, sits roughly around 5050 feet above sea level. Because of this, the whole city experiences an average temperature of 15-23°C, which is close to roughly 8°C lower than the usual temperatures in the lowlands. It’s an excellent choice if cooling down is your priority.

However, if you want a closer drive from the metro, but do not mind a slightly higher temperature, then you can also choose Tagaytay. The City is only around 2000 ft above sea level, but the 4 to 6 degrees of temperature difference from the lowlands is enough to give you a brief reprieve from the heat in the metro. In fact, because of this, Tagaytay is recognized as a popular venue for picnics, honeymoons, and spiritual retreats.


If you don’t have the time and luxury to leave town, then you can always just go to the metro’s most famous malls to enjoy a quick getaway from the summer heat. Ayala Center, for example, not only provides you with a nice and cool place to spend some time in, but it also boasts some of the best shops in the Metro. This way, you will get a cool break from the heat while keeping yourself entertained.

And since malls in the Philippines are not so difficult to find, you will always have an alternative close enough to your place without worrying about travel time or the dreadful sun-baked traffic.

Shiene is a self-confessed smart shopaholic who has been in almost 200 shopping malls in Philippines and around Asia. Her reason for shopping goes deeper than a passion for style but more of a way to connect with her inner self and appreciate beauty in life. Among her favorite hangouts are Ayala Center in Makati, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay and Sunway Pyramid in Malaysia. She shares her adventures through her blog.