Fun Activities to Enjoy Outside with Your Children

Spring and early summer are great times to get outside with your children and enjoy the beautiful weather. So pack up the stroller and get going!

Go for a Walk (Or a Jog)

Your toddler is ready to learn absolutely everything you want to teach him or her, so why not make getting some exercise and enjoying the spring weather a learning activity. Just a walk around the neighborhood can be a great way to teach your child any number of things. Concentrate on colors by pointing out all the shades of blooming flowers, or work on your child’s counting by looking for cars as you enjoy the fresh air.

With an all-terrain stroller, sidewalk cracks or dirt roads won’t hamper your journey, and your little explorer can learn all about the world around them. If your walk takes you to the park, why not bring along a picnic and play on the swings or slide?

Head to the Zoo or Farm

Zoos are popular destinations for children of all ages, so don’t let having a toddler in a stroller keep you from taking your older children on an outing to see the animals. Your children will always remember trips to see the animals, whether it’s at a world famous zoo or the neighborhood farm.

If the zoo is too far away or too expensive, check with local farmers to see if you can find one willing to give a short tour to you and your children. Many farmers are happy to show off their farms, show children a little bit about where their food comes from, and maybe even let them feed the chickens.

Visit a National Park or Historic Site

Virtually anywhere in the country is just a short drive from a national park, national historic site, or some educational opportunity. Many times people forget to visit the really cool destinations that are close to home, because they think there will always be time to go there. Why not go there today?

Visit the local swamp, play in the forest, or hunt for lizards in the desert. Show your children your favorite rock formation or teach them about wildflowers. Help them learn to climb a tree.

The nice thing about national parks and national historic sites is that they are generally very low cost and often have wide open spaces, especially near designated picnic areas. So, lather on the sunscreen and spray on the insect repellant, and head outdoors. Play tag or have a water balloon fight. Roast marshmallows over a barbecue grill, and bring along an old jar to catch fireflies at dusk.

So many parents complain that their children don’t want to spend more time outside, but maybe that’s because their parents never took the time to show them how much fun it can be. Help your children discover how much better a hamburger tastes when they grill it themselves, or teach your daughter how to make dandelion rings. When you take your children outside this spring, you have the opportunity to step away from the hectic pace of work and remember how to be a kid. You can teach them a few things, and they can remind you how to relax.